School year halfway: Leiden2022 makes an overview video

(Video: Leiden European Science City 2022).

This year, Leiden is the European Science City, the European Science Capital. In addition to a daily radio program in Key City, Leiden2022 organizes various science activities. In the middle of the school year, the organization that organizes several activities looks back at a compilation video.

One of the highlights was the prestigious EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF). From July 13-16, Leiden has been the proud home of this science conference where many bright minds together look at how research and innovation can help us as a community,” according to Meta Knoll, Director of Leiden European City of Science 2022.

Since its opening, Leiden2022 has focused on a science theme for every day of the year. The daily topic gets a lot of attention on the daily radio program Radio Weetlust. In addition, various activities are organized. Overview can be seen In the created video.


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