Sectra has signed a digital pathology agreement with the East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation in the UK and the West Suffolk NHS Foundation.

Sectra AB (publ) has signed a digital pathology agreement with East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust and West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust in the United Kingdom. The solution will allow pathologists to see and cooperate with cases in a way that is not possible with microscopy. This will reduce variability and increase efficiency in primary diagnosis and improve cancer treatment. Following a new agreement signed by Sectra in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2021/2022, two NHS foundations in the East of England will transform pathological services into a population of over one million. The agreement includes the digital pathology module of Sectra One Cloud, a business imaging subscription service. Sectra will be responsible for all hardware, software and other IT components and will provide the solution as a fully managed service. Pathologists from both the East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust and the West Suffolk NHS Foundation no longer work with microscopes and glass slides, but can work better together by analyzing high-resolution digital images that can be accessed almost anywhere. The move to Sectra’s digital pathology solution will enable health professionals to provide timely diagnoses to patients. Instead of waiting for the slides to be moved from one place to another, pathologists can easily and quickly access digital images of patient tissue to execute their reports. Diversified groups can view images without delay, and foundations can more effectively mobilize their pathological resources while increasing the flexibility of practitioners through homework. Deploying the Digital Pathology solution in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, with the full managed service provided by Sectra, will be the primary trust in the UK to reduce the IT and infrastructure loads on trusts. Importantly, this will allow foundations to use archive storage facilities currently in the cloud, which will enable them to manage large amounts of data related to digital pathology at a fixed cost.

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