Serbs receive 25 euros for vaccination abroad

Serbs can now earn a little extra money by getting vaccinated. For example, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has promised 3,000 Serbian dinars (about 25 euros) to anyone over 16 years old who has the first shot before the end of the month. Since many Serbs have doubts about vaccination, Vucic hopes to motivate the population in this way. Currently, less than 30 percent of Serbs have received their first injection.

“Since we cannot discriminate against those who are not vaccinated, we have thought about how to reward those who receive the vaccination. We want to achieve collective immunity so that we can return to work.” Given that the average monthly wage for Serbs is 366 euros Per month an additional 25 euros is a welcome addition to many.

The Serbian president is determined to increase vaccination coverage. It also decided that officials who contracted the virus and were not vaccinated will not be compensated for their sick leave.

The country has enough vaccines. “We have the vaccines. Today another 105,000 people come from Pfizer, but we don’t have anyone to report on them,” Vucic asserts.

However, the situation in Serbia is not yet stable. There are currently more than 1,300 injuries per day, and the pressure on hospitals is also great. In total, 6,499 Serbs have already died from the virus.

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