Sheinhead, Dead Sea, and Peepet Meadows, bring it. My app contains an ambiguous “bird friendly mode”

Among all the apps for identifying bird sounds, I chose the one named TjilpOMatic. I have a few principles in life, but one of them is: Searching for the best word when in doubt.

For several days I could hear the monotone bird from my bed. I call it that, even though his call is only two-tone. But they are always the same two tones, so that it becomes very monotonous again. Monotone Tones: Life is full of paradoxes and contradictions.

I am curious to know the real name of this strange bird. Maybe it’s not that strange, because I only have a small garden in town. There you don’t expect the collared bird of paradise, the guinea fowl, the blue-legged bomber, or the Andean condor. Robin is already a revelation. I don’t know a lot about Robbins, but I do know that they are actually quite a bunch. They behave aggressively towards certain species and ferociously defend their lands in summer and winter. If the birds are human, you can imagine their chosen behavior.

But birds don’t go to the polls. They do not have a mortgage and do not marry community property. They live a bird life that is very different from a human life. Perhaps it is sharper and more exciting. However, the fat ball you’re fighting for from ActionScript is not the height of tension.

In his short article Some thoughts on the common frog George Orwell has expressed himself as a fan of birds and frogs. Fitting at this time of year: “ Even in the bleakest streets, some signs or other show that spring has come, although the blue between the chimneys is a little brighter (…) it is remarkable how nature lives so well. Informal, as it were, in the heart of London. I saw a kestrel flying over the gas business in Deptford and heard a blackbird giving a first-class party on Euston Road. There should be several hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of birds that live within a radius of six kilometers, and it is a good idea that none of them pay even a penny in the rent.

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I wonder what Orwell from TjilpOMatic would have thought. The design of the app is simple: a blue sky with two clouds over a landscape with a ripple flow. Mountains rise to the left and skyscrapers to the right. In the middle is a big red button with the message: “Click to record.” Bring them on: Glossyhead, Little Dead Sea, and Grass Pipit. My app also contains a confusing “bird friendly mode”. You can use it in nature reserves without hiding birds.

In the first experiment, the recorded sapphire was found to be a great nipple, hawk or brown owl. There is something disappointing about the potential for multiple birds. I think there is little chance of an owl, or a hawk, among the talkative students who have their own habitat in my area.

Now we have to wait for two monotone tones. Having found my way in the kingdom of birds, I still hope to uncover the mysteries of mushrooms, insects, deciduous trees, sourdough bread, personality disturbances, and major clouds that occur in the sky.

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