Shell moves its headquarters to the United Kingdom, and becomes British


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Oil and gas group Shell wants, on paper, to become fully British. The Group will present this change to its shareholders. The head office will also be moved to the UK, where, among other things, Board and Management meetings will be held.

According to Shell, simplifying the structure should ensure that the company can operate faster and more flexibly. The company will also continue to have a presence in the Netherlands. A number of jobs will be transferred to the UK.

energy transmission

CEO Ben van Beurden promises that, despite the intended move, Shell will remain strongly associated with the Netherlands. According to him, this mainly concerns Shell’s role in the energy transition. “I am well aware that today’s announcement is a difficult message for many people. However, I would like to stress that streamlining our structure is essential to accelerating our strategy. In this way we can play a leading role in the energy transition.”

According to Shell, Van Beurden and Chief Financial Officer Jessica Ull will be leaving for the UK. A number of directors are following the duo’s heels. Shell will remain active in the Netherlands, among others with the development of renewable energy and other energy innovations. This is done from both The Hague and Amsterdam.

Shell asserts that the intended move has no consequences for the activities of Dutch Shell. “Shell also remains a major player in the Netherlands,” confirms Marjane van Loon, who heads Shell in the Netherlands.

Cabinet ‘unpleasant surprise’

Cabinet was “unpleasantly surprised” by the decision of oil and gas group Shell to move its headquarters to the UK. This was stated by the outgoing Minister of Economic Affairs Steve Block.

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He informed the Cabinet on Sunday and “deeply regrets” Shell’s move. “We are in talks with the Shell Summit about the consequences of this proposal on jobs, critical investment decisions and sustainability. These are extremely important,” Block said.

Source: National Ports Agency

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