Shocking photos from Naples: a man lies dead in the emergency room toilet of an overcrowded hospital | abroad

The man in question had reported the symptoms to the hospital and the staff found him when he failed to return. The photos showing the horrific situation were taken by 30-year-old Rosario La Monica. He himself was very ill and infected with the Coronavirus. Yet he was said to have been brought home. Cardarelli Hospital management denies it leaves people in their own devices.

The medical staff admits the situation has worsened. “We are under great pressure, and we work without interruption,” testifies a doctor at VTM NIEUWS. “Our hospital is known not to reject anyone.”

Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio acknowledges that the situation in the Naples region is completely out of control. “The story of a patient lying dead on the floor in a toilet at Cardarelli Hospital was one of the worst testimonies I received of the condition in the hospitals there. People are treated in their cars in the parking lot, and others die in ambulances because they have nowhere to go or sometimes They are not taken home, despite frequent phone calls. “

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