Shocking photos show how three young men suddenly appeared in front of a train in Canada: ‘seconds away from the worst phone call of our lives’ | Abroad

Canadian rail company Metrolinx shares shocking photos of three young men walking on the tracks. They appeared out of nowhere and almost crashed into a car. The driver applies the brakes with all his might, but it takes some time before the train stops.

The footage was filmed on May 20, en route in west Toronto. Young people appear at the bridge over the Humber River. “At the last second, they jumped out of the way,” Metrolinx spokeswoman Ann-Marie Aikins said. We were seconds away from the worst phone call of our lives to parents telling them their kids weren’t there anymore. The staff were also very shocked, and thought that they were going to kill three young men that day.”

30 cm

The guys started walking after the train stopped. No injuries were reported, although the train approached one of the youths about 12 inches (30 cm) away. The company shares photos to warn young people and their parents about such life-threatening behaviour. Train accidents cause more than 100 deaths or serious injuries in Canada each year, all of which are avoidable.

Anne Marie Aikins of Metrolinx. © Metrolinks


In our country, the Federal Police, local police districts and operator of the railway network Infrabel held the second day of actions against the operation of railways last February. In 2021, 591 track walking cases were counted, compared to 614 in 2020. This represents a 4 percent decrease. “Although the numbers have decreased, the consequences are still very serious,” the Federal Police said. “Last year there were 5 deaths as a result of running on the track. There were also 46 accidents recorded at the level intersection. 9 people were killed and 5 were seriously injured.”

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