Siegfried Brack wanted to choose the director Jan Verhein for himself …

Jan Verhein has expressed himself in the past as a supporter of the Barak N-VA party.
Photo: Jeffrey Jeans

Siegfried Bracke was barely appointed head of the Flemish Audiovisual Fund (VAF) before the dolls began dancing. Bracke wanted director Jan Verheyen to personally choose which movie he wanted subsidies for. This is evident from a report De Morgen was able to see.

Two Jan Verheyen projects were on the table at the VAF to receive financial support: is happening in a Bittersweet sixteen. The VAF Evaluation Committee found little in the latter, but recommended that a little less than one million euros be allocated as a subsidy to is happening.

Only Siegfried Brack did not agree. According to the report, he suggested at the mid-April board meeting, of which he recently became chairman, to ignore the advice of the evaluation committee. According to those transcripts, Bracke asked to “consider having Jan Verheyen choose the project for which he will be supported.” Barak himself was in favor of Bittersweet sixteenTeen movie.

Bracke’s question was rejected – also not upvoted – but he still hesitates. After all, this has rarely happened in recent years, says a source who has been involved in VAF and the Flemish audiovisual sector for a long time.

This case is very sensitive as it relates to the projects of Jan Verhein, a filmmaker who in the past has sometimes appeared as a sympathizer of N-VA, the Bracke Party. The VAF chief himself sees no flaws in his request not to follow advice, and he also denies that there is a political agenda behind it.

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