Sister of the Missing Brian Laundry: “If I knew where he was…


The disappearance of Brian Laundry, 23, the fiancée of slain Gabe Pettito, 22, has put the world under his spell for several weeks. Her body has already been found, but no trace of him. His sister now indicated that she would report him if she knew where he was.

She says she doesn’t know where he is. But if you do, you will report it. Brian’s sister, Cassie Laundry, told this during an interview with Good Morning America. She herself says that she has nothing to do with her brother’s disappearance, but is not sure whether her parents are equally innocent. “I don’t know if they were involved,” she said. “I think if that’s the case, they should do a thorough sweep.”

Brian Laundry disappeared in mid-September after returning alone from his road trip with Gabi Pettito. The two set out for a ride in their converted truck in early July. It all seemed idyllic on their social media, but nothing could be further from the truth. The two quarrel often and the fact that Laundry comes home alone raises a lot of questions. But Laundry kept her lips taut and refused to cooperate with the investigation. He disappeared in mid-September. Meanwhile, the search for Petito was vigorously pursued. Her body was found lifeless on Sunday, September 19. There is still no trace of Laundrie.

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The man’s sister also received a lot of criticism in the meantime. She had previously insisted that she would never see her brother again, but it was later revealed that she had seen him twice in the period between his wild ride with Pettito and his disappearance. “We just stopped for a few hours, ate around the campfire and then left. There was nothing special about it,” she said. There was no great sense of farewell. There was nothing. I’m frustrated that I didn’t notice anything too late.”

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