Six other Flemish Vaccination Centers in West Flemish have signed up for QVax

Yet earlier this week, several West Flemish vaccination centers indicated that they want to use the central backup QVax list, and Torhout, Gistel, Waregem, Zedelgem, Oostkamp and Zwevegem have also signed up now. More than half of the vaccination centers in our county are now consulting the Central Reserve Registry, and the other nine are using their own lists or are still considering participating.

After successful testing at vaccination centers in Roeselare and Denzi, 34 out of 95 vaccination centers in Flanders registered the QVax public reserve system on Tuesday. Starting next week, this number will increase to 60 Flemish vaccination centers. The Welfare and Health Agency announced this Friday at their weekly briefing on the vaccination campaign in Flanders.

In West Flanders, this concerns 13 of the 22 vaccination centers. These are Roeselare, Izegem, Ostend, Blankenberge, Kortrijk, Tielt, and Sijsele, who previously indicated that they want to use QVax. Gistel, Torhout, Oostkamp, ​​Zedelgem, Waregem, and Zwevegem have now been added. The Diksmuide Vaccination Center, as it was still planned to sign up for QVax at the start of the week, is no longer on the list of participating centers.

Since the beginning of April, anyone can register via QVax. This way, you can be called up faster if there is an excess of vaccines at your vaccination center. You should then be able to provide yourself on short notice to visit the vaccination center. However, the centers always follow the list of priorities set by the government and the vaccination task force.

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For example, as 40 healthy people, you cannot be called as a back-up while it is the turn of people over 65. The main goal is to vaccinate as many people as possible as quickly as possible and not to waste any vaccines. Of course, anyone who has already registered with does not have to do this again. However, the Welfare and Health Agency requires you to regularly check your aforementioned availability and amend it if necessary.

Tuesday afternoon, Healthcare and Health are organizing another training for vaccination centers. There is a possibility that more of these centers will decide to use QVax. Vaccination centers that do not register with the central reserve list use their own lists, also on the basis of the planned vaccination strategy.

Meanwhile, one in four adults from the Flemish West has already been at least partially vaccinated. For over 65, that’s six out of ten halves. Here you can find out how many people in your municipality have already been vaccinated.

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