Sixteen residents and five Triamant employees were injured in Wervik –

In the Triamant residential and living area of ​​Wervikstraat in Geluwe, all residents, staff and volunteers were tested for coronavirus after five residents and one employee were infected earlier this week.

In Triamant, the aura erupted. Residents in quarantine © LVW

Meanwhile, 16 residents, seven employees and volunteers were confirmed injured. All 158 test results are known. “Positive tests are not good news at all, just as we are gaining hope and perspective,” says COO Sven Vandendrichi.

“Our residents, their families, friends and all employees have strictly complied with the precautions. We are quick to act and want to control the situation immediately by testing everyone. Unfortunately, this also means that we must tighten our precautions so that the infection in our area is cleared. But this is in the interest of everyone’s safety and health. “.

The service is not at risk

Triamant is not a residential care center. There is a mixture of generations. Employees who tested positive are normally isolated at home. “People are never touched,” says Communications Director Christian Vandenberg. “If needed, independent home nurses are ready to help so that care and services are not compromised.”

“We would like to make it clear that our entire team is doing everything necessary to take good care of our residents. We are extremely concerned about them and are closely following the situation. All government recommendations and procedures have been followed. We will continue to do everything we can for the well-being and health of local residents, staff and volunteers.”


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