Skyline Prodco from Netflix joins European drama group The Creative

Recently launched European production alliance The Creatives expands, adding the German film and television group behind Netflix’s skyscrapers Join the group supported by Freemantle.

Komplizen Film was founded in 1999 by Janine Jackowski and Maren Ade, and was joined in 2010 by Jonas Dornbach as general manager and producer.

The company stood behind the features, creating its TV-focused arm Komplizen Serien in 2019, with its debut series. skyscrapers Produced by David Keitsch for Netflix.

Komplizen’s move comes six months after the launch of The Creatives, which was formed by young pope prodco Haut Et Court and seven other products. The goal is to develop and fund new international drama series with Fremantle, who has had a three-year partnership with the group.

Other affected products are: Lemming Film from the Netherlands (Remy† Belgium vs. production (the missing bullet† The Norwegian film Maipo (state of happiness† German hairdressing films (Bashir’s dance† Israeli Spiro (poor land† France unit (Legendary Obsession) for ; Masha in the United States (pseudoscience† and a good mess (Ko Vadis) in the UK.

Jackowski and Dornbach said: “We are driven by the desire to create exciting, bold content with incredible talent. We strive to partner with filmmakers with outstanding voices and continue our long-standing partnership with writers, creators, directors and production partners.

“We believe independent producers are an important part of creative diversity and unique entertainment, which is why we look forward to joining The Creatives.”

Carol Scott of Haut Et Court, who launched The Creatives, said: “Over the years, Komplizen has produced an amazing array of films from around the world, including those of their unique talent Maren Ade. Their step in the series has made them a natural partner in The Creatives. We Proud to welcome Janine Jakosky, Jonas Dornbach, Marin Addy and David Kitsch.”

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Together, Creatives work closely in co-productions and strategic partnerships, exchanging information, bringing each other’s talents and buyer networks together and negotiating common ground.

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