Smart Ones, a new podcast from BNR, iCulture and Androidworld

Smart Ones is a new weekly podcast of about thirty minutes in length where Conor Klerks (BNR), Dimitri Fleugel (Androidworld) and Johnny van der Zwag (iCulture) update you on the latest developments in the world of technology. Are you a fan of our area iCulture Podcast? Don’t worry, we’ll keep doing it. Other topics are also covered in ‘Smart’, such as smart home And the eternal struggle between them An apple employment Android. In the first episode we didn’t go crazy about throwing slime yet, but who knows…?

The Smart Ones Podcast: Listen Now

The first episode of The Smart Ones is now available online and tackles a tough topic: are smartphones still innovative enough? Because even though we love smartphones and all related technologies, we can’t deny that there have been fewer and less exciting developments in recent years. cameras batteries And the screens are getting better, but when will we ever get back to that dazzling feeling again?

In addition, there are regular sections such as news of the week and a review of a current product. This week Gonny is doing a job iPhone 13 Pro review And over the next week, Dmitriy managed to secure a very special “tool”. If you have any suggestions for us, please leave them in the comments.

You can listen to The Smart Ones here:

You can also listen to this podcast in your favorite podcast player, if you are looking for “smart”. Unfortunately, it is not yet available in Apple’s Podcast app:

Smart Ones is an initiative of BNR, iCulture and Androidworld and is powered by Bloks.

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