Snapchat comes with a tool that allows parents to monitor better

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Parents can better monitor teens’ behavior on Snapchat with a new tool. The company behind the popular photo and video app Family Center has launched that allows adults, with their children’s consent, to see who the kids have come into contact with in the past week. Abuse can also be reported anonymously.

Parents and guardians can send an invitation to the teens to the Family Center, which can be accepted or declined. Snaps or chats cannot be viewed via the tool. The time he spends on Snapchat is not mentioned either.

The tool will be available from Tuesday in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. In the fall, Family Center will roll out to all other markets.

Snap has been working on the tool for over a year. The company received input from researchers and online security experts. Meetings were also organized with adolescents and their parents to obtain information. The final design mimics the supervision a parent or guardian could have in real life. That is, knowing who the teenager spends time with, so that action can be taken if necessary, without knowing the content of the conversations.

Social media platforms like Snapchat, among others, are on the radar of, among others, regulators due to the impact of apps on youth. Instagram from Meta Platforms recently added similar tools. This came after criticism that the company prioritizes profit over the well-being of users, especially teenagers.

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