SO BIG: ‘Eternals’ proves once again how hard it can be to turn a Marvel machine into ★★ ☆☆☆

A superhero film directed by the best director of last year, with a thrilling cast, a refreshing change of tone and Angelina Jolie? The newest Marvel member of their now prolific family seems to have reached new heights, but the movie is quickly reaching its own limits.

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eternity It is about the creatures of the same name that landed on our planet about seven thousand years ago. They are tasked with eliminating a breed of temperamental demon dog and (slowly) helping humanity evolve. But, having lived secretly among us for centuries, each of them began to form their own vision of what should be the future of Homo sapiens sapiens.

It’s clear from the first minute that this movie wants to be different from its Marvel predecessors. We see, hear, and feel it. The Simpler Style of Academy Award Winner Chloe Chow (Bedouin) seeps into almost every shot eternity. He not only makes the most visually beautiful superhero movie to date, but he also makes the most human – and that’s in a movie about nearly divine beings that are thousands of years old.

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This human aspect is also credited to the excellently diverse cast and how the filmmakers approach such diversity. For example, Marvel introduces the first deaf and first gay black superhero on the big screen here, but Zhao also makes sure that they’re much more than that as characters.

Big ambitions behind eternity However, they become embroiled in the larger plans of the unwieldy giant that the Marvel universe has become. Zhao’s visual and emotional prowess is notable, but it’s not fully demonstrated by Marvel’s tightly curated template of sassy humor, soft opponents, and extravagant PC final battles.

Incomplete seeds

We’d love to shower this movie with compliments and favours, but that’s it eternity Himself often and very difficult. Not sexy enough for superhero fans, not daring enough for Bedouin-The fan. Although it must also be said: The imperfect seed in eternity Giving hope that Marvel and the superhero movies aren’t completely stuck yet. There are opportunities for growth – no matter how small – and this makes movie fans dream again of more and better.

eternity It can now be seen in the halls.

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