Sony is holding a press event on May 11, possibly for the Xperia 1 IV

Sony sent out invitations for a press announcement on May 11. It’s an Xperia announcement and our first guess is the Xperia 1 IV that has been in the rumors circle for quite some time.

The event will be streamed online on May 11 at 09:00 CEST Sony YouTube channel† The description reads “Next is Coming”. The intro video shown lists all Xperia 1 models. So it’s safe to assume that Xperia 1 IV announced.

Although the Xperia 1 line is not the most comprehensive Sony line, which is reserved for the Pro line, it is Sony’s flagship line. The Xperia 1 from 2019, for example, was the first to bring us a 4K OLED display. The 2020 Xperia 1 II was the first phone to feature AF/AE tracking at 20 fps for fast and reliable autofocus. In 2021, Sony announced the Xperia 1 III which has the first 4K OLED panel with a smooth 120Hz display.

Processor, camera and fast charging

What is the new technology on Xperia 1 IV Debut is still unknown. Obviously, this phone will get a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, but it’s not the first. There are also rumors that the camera sensor will move to 50MP, but it’s not unique in that either. Also leaked that file Xperia 1 Mark 4 It can be charged at up to 30W, but that’s what I did Xperia 1 III However. We’ll have to wait to see any new technology 1 quart at.

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