Still not a mouth mask for intense sports in Antwerp

Governor Cathy Birx announced that residents of Antwerp will no longer have to wear a mouth mask when exercising.

In light of the World Health Organization’s advice that intense sports with a mouth cover pose a risk to health, this obligation also does not apply during intense sports, to the extent that this sport is practiced in sports infrastructure and / or places and times when the risk of transmission of the virus is virtually non-existent. Due to the short-term events of the crossing or the occasional death of a person, ‘says the county ordinance that made clear Antwerp Governor Cathy Birx this afternoon. So you can’t go jogging alone in the woods without a mouth mask, and you can’t ride a bike in a peloton.

The regulation confirms Clothe From 11:30 PM to 6 AM. The Horeca It should close at 11 pm. In catering establishments, a distance of one and a half meters should be kept between groups. The company at the table is limited to four people or to a company made up of individuals belonging to the same household.

Everyone from the age of 12 must have one mask Carry and carry it in public places or where a physical distance of five feet cannot be respected. Individual registration Is mandatory. Only four people or members of the same family are allowed to sit at one table.

Markets It can only be visited individually and for a maximum of 30 minutes. Fairgrounds Prohibited, fitness centers must be closed.

Telethuiswerk Mandatory unless it is impossible.

Just Sports without contact Permissible. Sports activities with more than ten adult participants are prohibited. Governor Cathy Birx asserts that professional football is no exception Belgian.

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Banquet halls are closed except for Funeral ceremony. “It’s hard enough to lose a loved one,” said Governor Cathy Birx.

The measures apply for a period of four weeks. Anyone who breaks the rules risks a fine of 208 to 1,600 euros and / or a prison sentence of eight to fourteen days. Birks maintains that there will be drastic action. “We have to keep progressing now, and keep a distance between us.” Acting faster was not possible, she said. The decision giving it the power to enact such measures was approved only last Friday.


I know that there is a lot of frustration among some mayors, especially in Kempen, about such brutal measures. “They often feel punished,” Birx said.

We also examined whether a ban was needed to leave Antwerp. We haven’t provided this for a number of reasons, ”Birks continued. It is especially important that all patients comply with mandatory quarantine, with the risk of severe punishment. If that works, hopefully, we can bend the curve in this way. Suppose you close Antwerp, the effect of this can be felt outside of Antwerp. It will be disproportionate, with significant negative consequences. That’s why we don’t.

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