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A little fear, a big dose of adrenaline and a lot of butterflies in the stomach. Here’s what you can expect when you venture into the world’s longest suspension bridge, which has officially opened in the Czech Republic as of today. The 721-meter-long bridge spans an entire valley and is at least 95 meters above the ground.

Sky Bridge 721 is the name of the newest tourist attraction in the Czech village of Dolní Morava, in the north of the country near the Polish border. The bridge connects two hills that are over 1,100 meters above sea level.

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The bridge cost about eight million euros to build and took two years. It is suspended from six main suspension cables and 60 wind cables. At 721 meters, the new Sky Bridge surpasses the 516-meter Arauca Bridge in Portugal, which until recently was the longest suspension bridge in the world.

The local government hopes the bridge will boost tourism in the area by offering a different view of the forest landscape.


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It’s not the first special attraction Dolní Morava hopes to attract visitors. In 2015, the village has already received Sky Walk, a 55-meter-high building that offers tourists a unique view of the Morava River Valley and the Kraliki Snezhnik Mountains. Visitors reach the top of the tower via a 710-meter long wooden spiral bridge. Daredevil can choose another option: through the “sleeves” – a strong net 50 meters above the ground – they can climb to the highest floor. If you want to quickly get back to the ground floor, slide the 100m long again.

Right next to the Sky Walk, Sky Bridge 721 is another popular attraction.

Right next to the Sky Walk, Sky Bridge 721 is another popular attraction. © ANP / EPA

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