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Stuck after a spicy bachelor party in Amsterdam? Good challenge, Alex Sisan (29) group of friends. The companions combined the useful ones with the sweet ones and eventually chose a boat in the galleys to return to the UK. Although it did not go smoothly immediately …

Fourteen comrades saw the return flight to London on June 4 through their noses. Waiting for another flight? They were not interested in that. After careful consideration they did not like the train ride with Eurostar.

Eventually, the strikers decided to take the boat to Galilee and cross the Dover. However, there is a problem: for safety reasons, simple pedestrians are not allowed on the boat.

Never let friends again. They parked the train in Brussels and Lille, where they bought a lot of … second hand bicycles. Thirteen in total, but their journey to Calvary was not yet over.

Folding bikes only

After all, folding bicycles were only allowed on the train to Calais. Still to get on the next boat, there is no other option but to call taxis. Cost: 350 euros per copy.

What about the fourteenth and last mate, you might think. He saw a couple ready to take him in their car. So the whole party arrived in Dover, twelve hours after their flight was canceled.

“During those two days I had a lot of fun with my friends, and this is the icing on the cake,” said groom Sisan. “We spent 1,540 euros on those bicycles alone. In total, it cost at least 400 euros per person. Then we had to get a lift to our home address (in Worthing, et al.). What a wonderful story to tell my kids later. It was the best weekend of my life. No doubt.

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