Stunning first images of an all-electric cruise ship with sails made from solar panels | HLN’s Instagram

Conventional cruise ships emit not only carbon dioxide, but also sulfur dioxide, nitrogen, and particulate matter. Daniel Rieger of the German environmental association NABU previously claimed: “A day, such a cruise ship emits as much particulate matter as a million cars.”

But Hurtigruten argues against the assumption that cruises are always heavily polluted. The shipping company has long been a leader in sustainable cruise travel and shows that things can also be done differently with bold, eco-friendly design.

The photos show a state-of-the-art 135-meter boat with 270 cabins that can accommodate 500 guests and 99 crew members. It is a zero-emission ship and has 60 megawatt batteries. During stops at ports, the batteries could be charged with renewable energy. In addition, the cruise ship can also count on huge, 50-meter-high extendable sails that are completely covered with solar panels. This allows the batteries to be charged while cruising. The range will be between 300 and 350 nautical miles, which is about 550 to 650 kilometres.

In any case, modern technology plays a major role on board. For example, the captain can rely on artificial intelligence to steer the boat. The shipping company, which offers cruises from the Norwegian fjords to the Arctic Circle, says the AI ​​will also “collect data to facilitate docking,” simulating the operation of an aircraft’s cockpit.

Hurtigruten aspires to have a completely zero emissions fleet in the long term as part of its environmentally friendly ‘Sea Zero’ project. In 2030, early travelers can look forward to a cruise with this climate-friendly ship.

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