Sunny days are coming, but are we protecting ourselves from sunburn? † health

Sunny days are waiting for us! This month it will be so sunny that RIVM warns of the power of the sun. So it’s important to be careful, but are we taking the dangers of sunscreens seriously?

Young people under the age of 30 are more keen in the sun than older people, according to the National Sun 2022 report, conducted by PanelWizard on behalf of UV-Fashions, out of 1,083 Dutch people. Almost half of Dutch people under the age of thirty reapply every two hours in the sun. People over 30 are less careful: Six out of ten admit they don’t apply every two hours.

“Young people check the UV index more often and use it more often than people over 60,” dermatologist Marlis Wakey associated with Erasmus MC in Rotterdam also stated in the study. “However, I am not yet convinced that this young generation has really achieved this transformation. I still also read that young people sunbathe between twelve and three in the afternoon. Although sunscreen can protect you to some extent during those hours. From today, that is when the power of the sun is at its strongest. No matter how well you apply, if you spend hours in the sun, it will continue to damage your skin.”

lack of knowledge

A lack of knowledge appears to play a role in minimizing sunburn. Six out of ten Dutch people say they know sun tan is harmful. More than 35 percent of the population are unaware that skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the Netherlands, as it turns out.

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Parents and children

The National Sun Report also came to a surprising conclusion: Parents seem to care better about protecting their children than they are about themselves. “I see in the research that the amount of sunscreen that adults use is still half that of children,” Waki ​​says. “So we care less about ourselves than we do about our children.” This worries her. “We are getting better and better, but we are not there yet. I think there are steps to be taken especially in the area of ​​awareness.”

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