Tech Giants’ CEOs Are Criticized: ‘You Prefer Profit Over Health’

US Congress has questioned Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook, Jack Dorsey from Twitter, and Sundar Pichai from Google over a video call. The tone was set by Democrat Mike Doyle, who blamed the companies for neglect.

Doyle employees can easily find anti-vaccination messages and videos on Facebook’s Instagram, Twitter, and Google’s YouTube. You can fix that. But you chose not to do it, ”Doyle said. “You have the resources, but time and time again preferring to profit over users’ health and safety.”

Lots of yes or no questions

The five-hour hearing was marked by a series of yes-no questions to CEOs. This mainly relates to the role of social media in storming the Capitol at the beginning of January this year. The most talked about action after the storm was the removal of US President Donald Trump from Twitter and Facebook.

The big yes or no question was, “Does your company bear any responsibility for spreading misinformation that led to the break-in of the Capitol?” Zuckerberg and Pichai replied, “No,” and Dorsey on Twitter said, “Yes.” The Twitter CEO believes that this responsibility should be seen within the “wider ecosystem”.

‘Trump and the political media’

Zuckerberg opposes responsibility for the riots and places that responsibility on Trump. “There is a political and media climate that divides Americans,” Zuckerberg said. The CEO reiterated his view of Facebook as a reflection of society. Google’s Pichai answered elusively, citing a public liability that rests with the company.

Another topic at the hearings is the amendment of Article 230, a law that states that social media companies cannot be sued for what their users post. Zuckerberg said earlier this week that the law needs to be amended. Zuckerberg says that only tech companies that can demonstrate that they are doing their best to keep illegal content out should be protected by law. The “independent party” should establish guidelines that companies can verify.

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Angered by Twitter poll Dorsey

Twitter CEO Dorsey caused the ire of members of Congress by tweeting during interrogation. During the series of questions yes – no Dorsey tweeted a question mark, Is accompanied by a poll with the “Yes” and “No” options.

Democrat Kathleen Rice asked Dorsey which answer got the most votes. Dorsey replied, “Yes.” “Your multitasking skills are impressive,” said Rice. Dorsey also confirmed on Twitter that he was barefoot at the session.

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