The administrative center for the master planned site in Ninove gets the green light

On Monday evening, the Municipal Council of the city of Nineveh approved the structural plan for the location of the administrative center. Contrary to what the name suggests, this plan involves more than just building a city hall. A new area is created between Centrumlan and Dender. The masterplan provides space for green spaces, city buildings, offices, healthcare, childcare, education and catering. With this approval, the city can further design the area’s design. Ninove worked with the Flemish architect team to develop the plan.

Eleven design companies submitted their proposals to redesign the Administrative Center website. After an extensive selection, including a team of Flemish architects, the design by FVWW and Palmbout emerged as the winner. The design connects the dendre to the administrative site and thus attracts green spaces to the city centre. The project will also make Denderoever more accessible. The present site, which today consists mainly of buildings and concrete, will therefore undergo a complete renovation, although it is certain that the new police station and some of the city buildings will continue to exist in their present form.

Living site

“The current city hall dates back to 1984. This does not seem that old for a building, but during those 40 years the vision of public space has changed dramatically,” says Alderman Jost Arnts. “Today, the administrative center is like a mastodon in the city, where you can only go if you have to be at the city hall or the local police. Given the central location of the site, it is very unfortunate.” The new master plan divides the current site into four parts, which it calls Designers Quarters You have a quarter with the police, so it remains unchanged and behind it, in the Centrumlan area, you will find part of the administrative center of Onderwijslaan, the plan provides a quarter on the left for offices, houses and classrooms (for the academy, ed.) and on the right – where today you will find the counter square. , where you can collect city documents – Department for Education, Childcare, Healthcare and Catering As you can see, it should become a living location, where people live and also live, so you get a new part of Nynov where you want to go for a walk or have a drink on the weekend.

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Bring nature to the city

The different quarters or parts are surrounded by greenery. The plan provides one large green area between the current administrative site and Al-Dindar. “By clearing this site, there will be an additional buffer against the city’s natural waters, which can help prevent flooding,” the local councilor says. “The area was designed in consultation with Ruimte voor Water, a partnership that aims, among other things, to reduce flooding in the area. The water area includes the De Vlaamse Waterweg, the Flemish government and the province of East Flanders. This area therefore links the useful with the pleasant, because it also attracts Denderoever has a beautiful nature to the city.

Big step

The masterplan is the first major step in the regeneration of the administrative center site. The city can now start developing a Spatial Implementation Plan (RUP), making the vision more realistic. “Now that the outlines of the plan are outlined, we can begin to detail it further,” says Councilor Katie Coppins. “How many offices and homes do we offer? How can we integrate schools or daycare centers on the site? How much space do we plan to cater? We will map all this out in the coming years. And of course we also engage in extensive discussions with the neighborhood to listen to their suggestions, questions and concerns. So Renovating the site is a big project, but with this master plan we have already come a long way.

Ambitious and achievable

Local council members stress that the project is ambitious, but also possible. “We did not rush the development of the plan, which is also evident from the cooperation with the Flemish architect team. What is presented now is realistic, even in terms of budget. After all, it is not our intention to build a large new town hall, on the contrary. We are creating a new part of Ninove that multiple partners can support.

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