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American soldiers have left their main base in Afghanistan. It is assumed that the exit of international forces from Bagram air base means that their complete withdrawal from Afghanistan is imminent.

A spokesman for the Afghan Ministry of Defense confirmed that “US and coalition forces are completely outside the base.” “The Afghan armed forces will secure it from now on and use it to fight terrorism.”

The Taliban responded enthusiastically to the Americans’ departure. “Their complete withdrawal will give the Afghans the space to decide their own destiny,” said a spokesman for the extremist group, which has swept through dozens of provinces in recent months.

The Americans and their foreign allies are in the final stage of their withdrawal from Afghanistan. They have fought the Taliban there for the past twenty years. Italy and Germany recently announced that they had withdrawn their forces. The United States lost more than 2,300 soldiers.

An Afghan soldier at Bagram this morning. © AFP

Complete withdrawal is possible within a few days

President Joe Biden announced earlier this year that he would withdraw his forces from Afghanistan by 9/11. The Washington Post sees the abandonment of the base as an indication that the Americans’ withdrawal can be completed within days.

Over the past twenty years, Bagram has grown into a city in its own right. At one time, there were swimming pools, movie theaters, and fast food chains like Burger King. The base also has a prison where members of the Taliban and other extremist groups have been detained.

George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump have all visited the camp during their presidency. It was supposed to keep using the base longer because the Taliban is on the rise, but the US government ultimately didn’t feel like that.

It is expected that several hundred US soldiers will remain in Afghanistan. They will guard the huge US diplomatic post in the capital, Kabul.

Part of the landfill left by US forces at Bagram Air Force Base.

Part of the landfill left by US forces at Bagram Air Force Base. © AFP

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France Press agency


France Press agency


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