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Every year in April, the musical event THE DREAMING BAY, organized by the pop rock band, is held in April at 85. This year also at the semi-permanent location of Shimokitazawa Daisybar. This year, the cozy live theater is 17 years old and there are many shows to celebrate this, including the fifth edition of bay of dreams Sunday 24th April. The evening will be filled with a performance by Michiganized who will play a special group for this performance, which will conclude with an April 85 performance.

Live broadcast of Shimokitazawa Daisybar

There is good news for those who cannot travel to Japan to enjoy this event or in Japan and are unable to attend as it has been decided that this event will be broadcast live from the venue at the same time.

This isn’t the first time the pop rock band has decided to go live, as last December and October of the previous year, live shows were streamed online after events were postponed in the hope that they would take place in front of their fans. In December 2021, it was finally possible to hold the event with the audience, but fans who could not attend were not forgotten with the option of live broadcasting.

Live shows will be broadcast on April 85 and Michiganized through the platform Broadcast on Twitter† This live stream will be a multi-angle camera stream, using four cameras. If you can’t watch the performance live, you can view the performance archive for up to a week after the show. The show will start at 6pm JST, which is equivalent to 10am in the Netherlands and 9am in the UK. If you are looking for musical entertainment during breakfast, this might be for you.

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Who are April of the year 85 and Michigan?

April 85 was formed in 2016 after former singer and guitarist Yuichi Abe decided to turn his solo project into a band format with supporting musicians and name it after his birth month and year. To date, the pop-rock band has released several singles, a mini-album, and three albums, including a digital special, titled educationfull of sold-out audio sources, previously unreleased singles and tracks that are not on the other two albums, Wonder Wave Walker And the sleep in white, Back. Guest musicians for this performance are guitarist Maki (CUICUI), guitarist Ayumi Shirashi (CUICUI) and drummer Koki (NAMELESS). VJ for this evening is Tatsuro Iwashita.

Behind the Michiganized independent music project, Yumi Aoi, bassist, decided to start a solo project in 2014, albeit under a different name. After a hiatus, she came back with Michiganized as a new name and released an EP, cassette and also a track by compilation Get your own Genkic† Since December 2021, Michiganized shows are performed with a full lineup of teams. Michiganized music is inspired by the new wave, showgasm, electronics, and pop music of the ’90s.

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