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Why walk a few meters back and forth when you can simply throw packages without it costing you any energy? Thanks to a keenly observant videographer, courier company DHL can now see that one of its employees in the Netherlands is using a very special time-saving tactic. “This is of course not how it should be,” DHL said in its response.

It’s one of our biggest frustrations: to order something online and a few days later to receive your package… damaged. This happens regularly at the postal company DHL, according to responses to the Dutch Trustpilot complaints forum. More than three thousand reviews have been posted there in the past six months, from missing packages to a new cutlery set that was broken on arrival.

“Here’s your iPhone”

The latter is not surprising, if you rely solely on a video that surfaced on social media on Saturday. It shows how a DHL employee in the Netherlands handles someone else’s parcels in a rather clumsy and careless manner. The woman is busy scanning and sorting parcels in the DHL car park, and it’s not exactly pleasant.

It seems that the woman does not feel like walking a few meters over and over again, and thus throws packages of all shapes and sizes in front of her a few meters away. “There might be your iPhone,” the director shouts in a sarcastic tone. “Throw that in too. Do you want to erase? Here, just add it to that.” Josemini. Seriously DHL, come on man.

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DHL is riding through the dust in response

The postal company reacts to the dust. “This is of course not the way it should be done and is not at all in line with our work instructions. We have now taken measures to prevent this from happening again,” said Eyot Blau, a Dutch DHL spokesman. It is not clear what exactly this measure is. It is certain He said he had “talked to the manager and employee about it” at the site.

DHL regrets the complaints in general, but stresses the lack of context. “Some carriers specifically ask customers to leave a review via Trustpilot if a package is delivered successfully. We don’t do that,” Blau says. “In practice, this means people only respond to a DHL delivery if they’re not satisfied and go Trustpilot themselves. “Handover” is a service that is only actually responded to when things are not going well. “If things go well, which fortunately they usually do, people won’t show it openly.”

DHL, a subsidiary of Deutsche Post, delivers 260 million parcels in the Netherlands alone every year. That means about a million packages on most days. “During this busy period we exceed 2 million daily.”

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