The Belgian app Boke Boke won the Apple Design Award

Belgian mobile game for iOS and iPadOS has won the Apple Design Award for Bokeh Game Room game and fun.

Apple today announced the winners of this year’s Apple Design Awards. Twelve influential developers are taking the prize home this year with an application and a game in each of the six new categories. Those categories are content, sports / fun, communication, social impact, visual / graphic and novelty. Belgium App & Game Poke Poke Play Room Home won the Apple Design Award.

Download game Room Poke For iOS and iPadOS.

Boke Boke Game Room

Apple Design Award

Poke Poke Play Room is a mobile game specially designed for kids ages 2 to 6. It’s a visual game that has a lot of visual appeal. So these are the bonus points for the jury of the Apple Design Award. This game is beautifully designed for iPhone and iPad and is free for the first two weeks.

Kids can play with poke poke. The good thing about this game is that it grows with the baby. This allows the user to constantly discover new things, and in principle you can never get tired of the game like other toys.

Apple’s second bonus point is the all – encompassing world around the Poke Boke Playroom. The game has a lot of diversity, with developers having different personalities, family structures, genders, races and abilities. It is also an application recommended by educators as a powerful learning tool for children’s development.


Other winners of the Annual Design Awards are:

Voice Dream Reader – USA
Hollowista – USA

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Games & Fun:
Little Orpheus – United Kingdom

CARROT Weather – USA
Bird Alone – Canada

Social impact:
Be my eyes – Denmarkon
Alpha – United Kingdom

Visual & Graphic:
Lona – Belarus
Impact of Kensing – China

Natasadhana – India
League of Legends: Wild Divide – USA

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