The British Cincinnati branch is exporting deadly pesticides in violation of EU sanctions

ENKHUIZEN – British Channel 4 News Has published a major study, which manufactures and exports the pesticide at a British Cinkenda factory located in a part of Enkhuizen, which is banned in the EU at Cromaxon.

The study found that toxic chromaxone has been banned in the European Union and the United Kingdom for more than a decade. A former United Nations staffer told Channel 4 that the death toll from Cromaxon could be in the hundreds of thousands.

The pesticide is exported from the United Kingdom to India and, among other things, is still used by farmers today. The pesticide is said to be highly toxic, making even a small chip dangerous.


According to Channel 4 News, Singenta has published false information about the pesticide. The company is also said to have secured safer, more expensive alternatives from consumers to protect sales. Cinkenda categorically denies this.

In response to a Channel 4 report, the company said it would be heartening to see the pesticide leave the path of such extinction. In addition, they point out that there is a debate about the science behind Cromaxon and that they are investing hundreds of millions to make the product safer.

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