The Chinese president, in an interview with Merkel, calls for more cooperation and less interference | Economie

Chinese President Xi Jinping confirmed during a telephone conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel that he hopes to expand cooperation with Germany and the European Union. But China expects less European interference in Chinese affairs.

Xi admitted that there are tensions between the two sides. Therefore, Beijing contacts diplomatically confirms that the relations between China and the European Union provide “new opportunities and different challenges.” Therefore, China advocates a new course of action that focuses on strategic views and mutual respect. In contrast, “less intervention” is to be expected.


A German government spokesman confirmed that major differences of opinion were also discussed during the phone conversation. International efforts to produce and distribute vaccines are discussed, among other things. Economic cooperation, climate protection and biodiversity conservation were also covered.

A few weeks ago, the European Union imposed new sanctions on China for the first time in more than three decades for human rights violations. These sanctions target four Chinese officials and one organization responsible for the persecution of the Uyghur Muslim minority in the northwest of the country.


In response, Beijing condemned “interference in internal affairs.” This was also followed by sanctions against German politicians and institutions and other Europeans.

No concrete solution to this conflict has been offered. “We hope the European Union will take the right decision independently,” Xi reportedly said.

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