The delta variant causes other symptoms: “Covid behaves …

The delta variant is now the most common mutation in the UK.
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The classic aura symptoms are fever, cough, and loss of smell or taste. British researchers have warned that “Covid is behaving differently now”. This has everything to do with the emerging delta variant, which first appeared in India and is now the most common mutation in the UK.

“It is really important to realize that since the beginning of May, the most common symptoms are no longer the same as before. With the appearance of the delta variant, headache is now the main symptom, followed by sore throat, runny nose and fever.” So said Tim Spector, professor of genetic epidemiology at King’s College London, in the British newspaper Watchman. Cough comes in fifth, while loss of smell doesn’t even make it to the top ten. When you’re young and have milder symptoms, it can feel like a common cold. Then stay home and get tested.”

Because the danger is that guys assume they “just got a cold” and still keep dating. This allows the virus to spread further and also reach older or vulnerable populations, who are at greater risk of developing severe disease.

Research also indicates that the delta variant is at least 40 percent contagious than the British variant or alpha. The risk of hospitalization is even twice as high.

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The delta variant now accounts for three in four new infections in the UK. The number of cases increases sharply in the population under 30 years of age. By way of comparison: in our country, the incidence of injuries with the delta variant is less than five percent.

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The explanation lies in the vaccination strategy. In the UK, it was decided to give everyone one chance first. But vaccines protect less than the delta variant when one receives only one dose. A large portion of the British population is not fully vaccinated, and therefore less protected.

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