The end of the old “special relationship” with the United States looks like a betrayal of the British

British soldiers forced to leave Afghanistan. America is determined and the rest of the world should follow suit. It is clear that there is no longer any question of a “special relationship” between the Americans and the British.AP . image

Sitting fraternally toward each other on a bench, Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt. “Allies” is the name of the artwork by Lawrence Holofsner on Bond Street, in Mayfair, London. The British-American artist gave the warlords and allies of yesteryear smiling faces. It’s a romantic representation of special relationship, A phrase that comes from Churchill. There are now little, if any, Anglo-Saxon fraternities left.


British politicians struggled last week to disguise their distaste for Joe Biden’s performance in Afghanistan. In the House of Commons, veteran Afghan fighter Tom Tugendhat called it “shameful” that the US president blamed the chaos on the Afghan army. Former Representative Rory Stewart, who is familiar with Afghanistan’s past and present, called Biden’s post-Kabul speech “empty, devoid of empathy and naively pessimistic.”

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair, who was partly responsible for the invasion of the Asian country, called the Democrat’s policy in Afghanistan “foolish”. Boris Johnson and his ministers refused to bring down Biden, but behind the scenes they were said to be furious. Unidentified government officials questioned the White House resident’s mental state, using colorful words like gaga employment Dolly would fall. Anti-Americanism is no longer exclusively leftist.

Boris Johnson begged Biden to stay longer on Afghan soil in order to complete the evacuation. At least 150 Britons remain in Kabul, as well as thousands of Afghans entitled to British asylum. Biden ignored the call. In fact, he didn’t even answer the phone for a long time. It is clear to the British that Biden America first from its predecessor. However, it was the same with Donald Trump Britain II. The place of the British in the ranking of Biden is anyone’s guess.

special friendship

For the British, it feels like losing their best ally. On the island, the relationship between the two countries has always been compared to that of the Greeks and Romans, a comparison a classic like Johnson can certainly live with. American go alone In Afghanistan he lost confidence, a sense of a special friendship. In this regard, it can be compared to Brexit, when there was grief on the mainland about the sudden departure of the British from the European Union.

Now that the UK is no longer the bridge between America and the rest of Europe, the search for another role has begun. Remnants like former Secretary of State for European Affairs David Lidington have already argued for closer ties with European countries, such as the formation of a European branch of NATO. On the other hand, supporters of Brexit prefer to look at other English-speaking countries, such as Canada, Australia and New Zealand, as well as the world’s largest democracy: India.

For New York-born Johnson, who has always been skeptical of the term sspecial relationshipNow, it is important to give new content: Global Britain. London realizes that it can never fulfill the position of world police officer that Washington relinquished. The focus will be on free international trade, diplomacy and targeted military interventions (the latter being the successful intervention in Sierra Leone under Blair 21 years ago), in other words: a special bond with the rest of the world.

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