The European Commission chokes on Mary’s Day and Christmas

The European Commission has withdrawn an internal document on universal communication after controversy emerged over proposals to stop using certain words and expressions.

It is preferable to say “Dear colleagues” rather than “Sir and Madam” when addressing the public. Don’t assume that everyone is a Christian. So it’s better to say “the holidays are stressful” rather than “Christmas is stressful”. And instead of “Maria and John are an international couple” you can also use “Malika and Julio are an international couple” if you want to illustrate a story with an example. Also, make sure you have automatic access to the word “police officers”.

These are just a few examples from a 32-page document on comprehensive communication, with guidance for European Commission staff. The initiative came from the Council of Ministers of the Maltese European Commission for Equality, Helena Daly. Its aim was “to illustrate the diversity of European culture and to demonstrate the Commission’s overall attitude towards all life and religious beliefs of European citizens”.

But in Italy, the document fell down the drain with right-wing and far-right politicians after the newspaper … Newspaper He wrote that Christmas and Mary were henceforth on the taboo list in Brussels. Mother Mary. Joseph the father. Long live Christmas. Hoping that no one in Europe will be offended,” tweeted Matteo Salvini of the League. French Weekly the point She wrote that the commission had compiled its “little red book against sexism and equality in every form”.

Meanwhile, Helena Daly announced that the guidelines would be withdrawn. The leaked document was not “mature” and did not meet all the quality requirements of the authority. Clearly more work is needed.”

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Spokesperson Eric Mammer said the committee remained convinced of the importance of comprehensive communication, who emphasized that the guidelines were not intended to be binding.

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