The European Parliament has declared the European Union a free zone for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people

The European Parliament today approved a resolution declaring the European Union a “free zone for LGBT people” in response to Polish municipalities declaring that they are free of “gay ideology”

The resolution passed by 492 votes to 141, and 46 abstentions.

The text states, “LGBTQ people should have the same rights across the European Union to live freely and be able to display their sexual orientation and gender identity in public places.” They should be able to do so without fear of intolerance, discrimination, or persecution. Authorities at all levels across the European Union must protect and promote equality and fundamental rights, including the rights of LGBT people.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban last week criticized the “LGTBIQ madness” which he says is remarkable. With the decision, MEPs want to make it clear that any form of discrimination against LGBT people is inconsistent with basic rights. In 2021 there should be no more hatred and discrimination. Whether in Poland or Belgium, where a horrific murder – perhaps driven by extreme homophobia – shaken us. “The European Union is a place in the world where everyone enjoys the same freedoms and rights, regardless of how we are born,” said Tom Vandenkindleri (CD&V).

The decision is supported by Commissioner Ursula von der Leyen: “Being yourself is not an ideology. It is your identity. Nobody can ever take it away.

“This debate is absurd,” said Paul Ryszard Legotko on behalf of European conservatives and reformists, to which N-VA belongs. “The European Parliament is only interested in its ideology.” Do we want to introduce this ideology into our schools against the wishes of parents? Western Europe is engaged in ideological propaganda, from kindergarten. Legotko denied that Poland was creating LGBTQ-free zones and advised his colleagues to declare the European Union a free-sense zone.

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