The famous Maya bee premiered with “Maya and the Golden Egg”

Maya’s new movie “Maya and the Golden Egg” was released yesterday. Lots of famous faces came to Kinnepolis Antwerp this morning to learn about this third movie about the hilarious bee Maya and her friends. Among them are Martin Brix, Sian Winantes, Bill Perez, Lindsey De Paul, Bart Kanerts, Evelyn Van Hamm, Nils Albert, Carmen Lovers, Peter Timmers and many others. “Maya and the Golden Egg” can be seen in Flemish cinemas starting Wednesday, February 23.

Maya the Bee is still very popular in our country, both with children and the older generation due to the nostalgic character of the series. Maya the Bee First Flight, the first Maya movie, was hugely popular all over the world. The film attracted large numbers of visitors and has already been sold to more than 120 countries. “Maya 2 The Honey Games” has already received over two million visitors worldwide! Both of Maya de Paige’s television series are now shown in more than 170 countries. “Maya and the Golden Egg” is also scheduled to be released in more than 100 countries.

Maya gets a star. © PADI / Kristof

The film is produced by Flying Bark Productions, part of Studio 100 based in Sydney, Australia. This publication was previously published in Australia, the United Kingdom, Poland and the United States and now it’s our country’s turn.

Free Souffriau gives her voice back to Maya, and Thomas van Goethe can be heard as her best friend Willie. Kobe van Heruijn and Elendo Avastia are responsible for the comic ant duo Arnie and Barney. Richard Spickers recorded the voice of Bumbleouse. Lore Janssens took care of the majestic ant princess Smoosh, and Samir Hassan and Wout Sels played Henchie and Boof respectively. Miss Cassandra was voiced by Hilde de Meldt. Peter Castelen takes care of Liv. Simon Zwiers plays Weeble and Colonel Ants. The comp is played by Giovanni Kemper. Anki Helsen is queen again, Bob Selderslag, Philip de Spane and Tegel Dow Crowley.

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Synopsis: After a quiet winter, Maya and her friend Willie find themselves on a secret mission. They were commanded to preserve a sacred egg. When the egg hatches, they face their new responsibility: a lovable little ant princess. Suddenly, they found themselves in the midst of a fierce battle with insects. To save the princess and her colony, Maya and Willie must convince the warring nations to work together. This battle takes them to new worlds and is a tough test for their friendship. (PADI)

Maya en het Gouden ei’ has been released by Studio 100 and Kinepolis Film Distribution (KFD) and can be seen in cinemas from February 23.

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