The first full commercial flight to the International Space Station (ISS) has been launched: Who is on board and what will they do there?

The crew of four aboard the Axiom Mission 1 or X-1 has no experience in space other than the commander. They had to pay $55 million to join the expedition. In return, they received extensive technical training to work in space.

Michael Lopez Allegria He is the commander of the Ax-1 mission and the only one with space experience. The Spanish-American astronaut has a past at NASA, but is now on the payroll at Axiom Space. “This opens a new era for human spaceflight,” he said earlier this week.

Larry Connor American real estate entrepreneur and pilot. In addition to his hobby as a pilot, he is not shy about the challenges of adventure: he previously climbed Kilimanjaro, ventured into the ocean depths and conquered a Himalayan river on a raft.

Eitan Step He is an Israeli billionaire, philanthropist, and investment fund owner. He previously served as a combat pilot in the Israeli Air Force. His goal during the mission is to facilitate scientific experiments, educational research, and artistic activities on the International Space Station.

also Mark Bathy Entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist. The Canadian would be the 12th in space, and the second to do so with his own money.

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