The first inline skating track in Flanders connects Genk and Hasselt

The first inline skating track in Flanders, which connects Genk and Hasselt, officially opened on Saturday. The permanent signposted track, designed specifically for inline skaters, consists of several combinable loops and has a total length of approximately 90 km. If the pilot project in Limburg is successful, several inline skating routes can be rolled out in Flanders.

Inline skating, or inline skating, is again gaining popularity, which is becoming more evident in 2020. Flemish Sports Minister Ben Wittes (N-VA), Sport Vlaanderen and the cities of Genk and Hasselt thought the time was right to give inline skating a place in public.

“In the past year, the sport has seamlessly entered the top ten of the most popular sports among children under the age of 19,” Minister Waits said. It is not only an accessible social sport, but also a good way to work on your fitness. Fluid movements allow you to move more intensively without straining muscles or joints. Snowboarding is also an ideal sport on a mental level. In the fresh air with the sun on your face, you can completely empty your head in a beautiful setting.

Photo: Belgium

Inline skaters were also involved in the development of the routes. The rings run through safe, surface-appropriate roads that pass many beautiful places. In both Genk and Hasselt you can start from different places and there is a choice between different distances depending on the level. From any starting point, embedded skaters can plot their path on the starting board, after which arrows show them the route.

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