The first streak of relaxation is on May 8, but what can we do with that?

Monday 26 April:

Non-medical professionsIncluding hairdressers and beauticians back to work. However, under strict conditions.

in a Unnecessary stores You can shop again without an appointment. It is no longer necessary to shop alone, but rather to be accompanied by another family member.

People can too They meet outside in groups of 10.

Saturday 8 May:

from Restaurants can open terracesunder strict rules. That is, a maximum of four on the table. Unless your family consists of more than four people, it can be more. There should always be a meter and a half from other customers. Anyone who goes to the toilet must wear a face mask. It can only be served on the table. Staff must always wear a face mask. Business closes at 10 pm.

from Cancel curfew Replacing it with a ban on gatherings where people are only allowed in public places between midnight and 5 a.m. with a maximum of three people or with their family members (people who live under one roof). This applies to the whole country, which has not been the case until now. The curfew in Brussels begins at 10 am.

outdoor events PermissibleUp to 50 people, with mouth masks and keeping a distance. Inside, a series of test events are organized with a seated audience.

Sports clubs or youth associations It is allowed to organize outdoor activities again with a maximum of 25 people, but without an audience and without overnighting. For children up to 12 years old, this is also possible with a maximum of 10 years. Bathing in the club is not allowed yet. The canteen will remain closed as well, but you can have a drink on the terrace.

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that A family can receive two people at the same time, provided that these persons also belong to the same household. Children up to 12 years old are not included.

parks They are allowed to open the doors again.

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from June

Provided that 80 percent of people with an underlying condition have been vaccinated by then, and fewer than 500 beds have been taken in intensive care units, there will be a number of additional relaxations.

Events can be internal or external With up to 200 people. Maintaining a distance and using a mouth mask remains essential.

Sports clubs or youth associations It is allowed to organize outdoor activities with a maximum of 50 people.

Youth Camps with Overnight Possible with 50 people. This way young people can go to camp this summer.

Moreover Fairgrounds and non-professional flea markets can be reorganized.


July and August:

about Summer months events July and August, like music festivals, the advisory committee hasn’t made any decisions yet. A new advisory committee is due to be formed on May 11.

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