“The fresh produce sector not only provides healthy food, it also wants to increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables.”

There are various business boards active at GroentenFruit Huis. GroentenFruit Huis members and employees meet each other four times a year on average. Together the council advises and discuss current topics. Anne-Marie Burgdorf, Nutrition and Health Officer at GroentenFruit Huis, is Business Board Secretary for Nutrition and Health. She talks about the role of the business council and what is on the agenda. Since the fruit and vegetable sector is not just a supplier of healthy food, we also want to increase the consumption of fruit and vegetables among Dutch consumers.

When and why was BC Nutrition & Health founded?
“The Business Council was established in 2015 at a time when interest in healthy food was on the rise. GroentenFruit Huis likes to work with members to work together, in this case by providing healthy and healthy food. We come on average once every three months, so 4 meetings per year. It generally takes 1.5 to 2 hours. “

Who is involved in BC Nutrition & Health?
“GroentenFruit Huis members only participate in business councils. We want the widest possible representation of the sector to participate on business councils. This means that we have members from farmers’ associations to cutting factories. Everyone is within their own organization. Their own way of working on nutrition and health. Participants represent the business council. Pillar of their products and looking from their specific experiences and needs for knowledge and inspiration. I enjoy seeing how we can reinforce each other, from different starting points. “

All members of the Nutrition and Health Board can be found here.

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what is your role?
“The importance of a healthy diet is growing on the map. Fruits and vegetables have a positive image. They are indisputable products when it comes to their importance to health and society. Various social organizations encourage the consumption of vegetables and fruits. Science does not sit idle. As a sector we can and must benefit from this. The positive image and spread it further. “

The roles of a business board can be described as follows:
1. Strengthening marketing and communication professionals from the fruit and vegetable sector through communication, consolidation and knowledge exchange.
2. Voice Board Group / Advisory Committee for GroentenFruit Huis on projects / initiatives that are emerging in the area of ​​nutrition and health.

For example, we see that all types of organizations are increasingly recognizing the importance of a healthy lifestyle. This means that we are also asked regularly for all kinds of projects. As a business council, we evaluate, among other things, these enterprise applications.

What’s on the agenda?
“For example, we worked together on a group communication strategy. In the various brainstorming sessions, we used everyone’s experience to articulate the opportunities, challenges, and barriers surrounding increased fruit and vegetable consumption. Ultimately, this was given a place within National in the form of choosing color and fruit and vegetable business plan. I am proud of him personally that to this day the campaign is still going on on social media. We hope to contribute more fruits and vegetables for everyone. “

“In 2021, the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables (IYFV, proclaimed by the Food and Agriculture Organization) is put on the agenda. This initiative provides a good starting point for promoting the importance of fruits and vegetables in the context of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. The country is required to implement the International Year of Family Farming itself. “.

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Society is changing and so is the Dutch consumer. How do you respond to this like BC Nutrition & Health?
“The role of the Business Council can really change over the years. We also discuss our role regularly in the meetings. In the coming period I will contact all members of the Business Council to get more insight on this matter. Clearly, it helps to set the agenda for the upcoming period.”

How can members stay informed of BC activities?
“Current affairs and activities are included in the (members) newsletter from GroentenFruit Huis. But you can also contact a Business Council member. Or call me. We are always open to good suggestions and / or comments. We can only reinforce our role with that.”

for more information:
Anne-Marie Burgdorf
The vegetable house
00368 11 13
[email protected]

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