The Group of Seven expresses its concerns about the “erosion of democracy” in Hong Kong

The G7 is deeply concerned about China’s decision to reform the electoral system in Hong Kong. The foreign ministers of the G7 countries said in a joint statement that Beijing is eroding the democratic content in the capital with the decision.

The Group of Seven, which includes the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and Japan, said, “We call on China and the Hong Kong authorities to restore confidence in Hong Kong’s political institutions.” And an end to unjustified repression of those who promote democratic values ​​and defend rights and freedoms.

The Chinese parliament gave the green light Thursday to reform Hong Kong’s electoral system. Critics fear this will marginalize the pro-democracy opposition in the former British Crown Colony.

China previously introduced a controversial security law, and is now tightening its grip on Hong Kong through reforms. According to G7 ministers, Beijing appears determined to quell dissent and critical voices in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong has its own legal system and parliament, although not all parliamentarians are directly elected by the electorate. State media reported that China will change, among other things, the composition of the Electoral College, which elects the highest director of the city. Hundreds of members perceived to be pro-Beijing have been added.

In addition, there will be a committee that will judge candidates for the Electoral College and Parliament in Hong Kong. In fact, this means that members perceived as insufficient “patriots” can be banned soon.

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