The iconic ‘Tank Man’ photo on Microsoft Bing is temporarily unavailable

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The photo of the iconic ‘Tank Man’ on the Microsoft search engine Pink is undetectable for hours. If you search for a photo from countries like France, Germany, United Kingdom, USA or Singapore, you will see that the results are no results.

The photo was taken on Saturday, June 4, exactly 32 years ago. The fact that the film had disappeared by then caused a lot of outrage. According to software company Microsoft, this is a “human error”.

The well-known picture was taken in 1989 by American photographer Charlie Cole. The photo shows an unidentified protester entering a column of Chinese tanks in a white shirt. In this way, the demonstrator blocked Chinese tanks for a while during a pro-democracy protest in Beijing near Tiananmen Square. The identity of the opponent is unknown. In 1990 this photo was already voted the magazine photo of the year.

You will not find a copy of the photo anywhere in China because it is subject to censorship laws there. A comprehensive tracking network புகைப்பட monitors photos with sensitive content. Chinese companies have reportedly asked Internet companies to follow the same audit rules. This is to “guarantee the stability of the country,” the VRT NWS said. Microsoft has in the past agreed to censor content in China. Then it deals with topics like the Dalai Lama and Falun Kong. China is breaking the memories of this year’s struggle by banning the annual memorial service in Tiananmen Square.

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