The Israeli army announces a daily “tactical pause” along the planned road in southern Gaza, and fighting continues elsewhere.

This morning, the Israeli army announced “tactical pauses” on some social media channels. During most of the day, from 8am to 7pm local time, there will be no military activities along the designated route. It extends from the Israeli-controlled Kerem Shalom crossing, the main entry point for incoming aid, to Salah al-Din Road, one of Gaza’s main roads.

The decision comes after discussions with the United Nations and other international organizations. Israel says it wants to deliver emergency aid to the Palestinians more quickly this way. Israeli correspondent Ralph Dekkers says this has something to do with it, but there are also other motives.

Dekkers points out that “negotiations are of course underway to reach a ceasefire, and Israel wants to show its best face through these pauses and show that it is ready to reach such a truce. Moreover, Israel recently suffered heavy losses in Rafah, in southern Gaza.” Recently, 8 soldiers were killed. With this break, Israel can catch its breath and see how it will proceed with this attack in Rafah.

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