“The main player should immediately be stronger and have more skills in the third edition of Dying Light”

Dying Light 2: Stay Human is a great game in its own right, but if you start Techland with a third part, they’ll have some ideas for doing things differently. For example, at the beginning of Dying Light 2, the player was relatively limited in their resources and skills, something that will be more extensive in the third part. This is what lead designer Tymon Smektaa said in a conversation with him VGC

If there is a third part, then his wish is that the main character has more and better skills from the start. Now you build it up gradually as you advance in the game, so only at a later moment (a lot) can you take full advantage of the gameplay and Smektała would like to correct that in a third part.

“One thing is if we were making Dying Light 3, then I would like the main character to start with bigger and better starting abilities and skills. We basically used the same approach [Dying Light 2] Which we used in the first game, where the player started very weak and then developed more.”

“We did something completely different in the second, and actually that’s something I’d like to correct when I look at Dying Light 2 from the perspective of three months after release. So I think in the third game, if that happens, the character will start with more powers, more skills, more abilities. as his basic skill set.”

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