The move confirms Queen Elizabeth’s sense of humor

This is Alexander Armstrong, the presenter and comedian who is making a documentary about the Queen to mark his 95th birthday later this month. He reveals a funny story about her, which can be found in it The Queen and her relatives. The queen is said to have written hilarious letters in which she pretended to be her dogs, the well-known Corkis.

When Alexander went to the bathroom with the late Sir Blair Stewart-Wilson – the Queen’s former aide, he found handwritten, structured letters on the wall. In the letters, the Queen pretended to write her Corkis to Assistant Jack Russell. According to the documentary maker, they are ‘hilarious’ and ‘the perfect example of the Queen’s strange sense of humor’. “He wrote letters from his Jack Russell to Corkis, and the Queen wrote letters again,” Alexander says in the documentary. “I want to remember what it said. I grabbed my stomach and cried with a laugh because they were so funny.”

For the new documentary, he traveled across the UK to meet the Queen’s nieces and nephews. What is it like to be a part of this extraordinary family? She spoke with others, including Russian Princess Olga Romanov, the Queen’s granddaughter, but Lord Iver Mountbatten. She married her husband in 2018, making them the first gay couple in royal history.

In 1969, millions of Britons saw Queen Elizabeth and her family try to polish their ugly image with a wonderful documentary. Yet the documentary was banned, until recently … over fifty years ago, it suddenly appeared on YouTube. You look at it below.

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