The much-discussed macOS Monterey feature will be available later this fall

macOS Monterey has a lot Beautiful additions and jobs, but there is one that steals the show. Thanks to Universal Control, your MacBook, iMac and iPad can be operated simultaneously with a Magic Mouse, Trackpad or Magic Keyboard.

The feature’s access is pretty cool, as it makes all your Apple devices perform better than they already did. Only Apple doesn’t seem to be in a hurry with rolling out the feature. Where it was already missing in iPadOS 15, macOS Monterey doesn’t appear to be available right away.

Delayed mass control

It’s no surprise that Universal Control is late. After the feature was missing with the introduction of iPadOS 15, the functionality will not come directly to macOS Monterey. Apple explains that today Features page from the operating system.

universal control
Universal control of your Apple devices. (Photo: Apple)

As mentioned, it is possible to control multiple devices with a single mouse or a control panel using Universal Control. Very useful when you want to do something quickly while working on iPad Or it should check MacBook. It also makes it easy to create a setup where you use three devices/monitors.

It is not known exactly when the functionality will appear, but according to Apple, it will be later this fall. So enthusiastic consumers should be patient for some time.

Mac OS X Monterey is coming

Of course, macOS Monterey has more to offer than Universal Control and consumers will be able to try it soon. The new OS for Mac has been delayed for a while, but it will finally appear next week. After the Unleashed event, where Apple showcased a new MacBook Pro, among other things, the company announced that macOS Monterey will be available from October 25.

Apple Unleashed Event: These Products Announced

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The much-discussed macOS Monterey feature will be available later this fall

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