“The new Galaxy Watch 5 Pro has a much better battery”

Samsung appears to be working on the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro with a much larger 572mAh battery. The gadget will use Wear OS 3 and will be released later this year.

Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

It is too early for rumors of a caliph to emerge at the end of 2021 Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, but certainly not too early. Last month we already wrote about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, but now we probably also know more about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. Rumors abound about the battery of the Pro version of the Samsung smartwatch.

The Pro variant of the Galaxy Watch 5 would have a much better battery: 572 mAh, if we korean site might believe. This compares especially to the Galaxy Watch 4 with a big difference: it had a 247 or 361 mAh battery. The battery of the Galaxy Watch 5 will also be slightly larger: a 276 mAh battery. However, that’s a piece of cake compared to the 572mAh that is said to be found in the Watch 5 Pro.

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