The past seven years have been 7 of the hottest temperatures ever recorded on our planet, methane concerns

Vincent Henri Beuch, director of the department that monitors the atmosphere at Copernicus, mentions the increase in methane “annoying‘, for two reasons: on the one hand, it’s been very clear over the past two years – about twice the average of the past 20 years – and on the other, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly why it is.

Beuch calls the application of methamphetamine heel complex, because it is a mixture of human and natural emissions – the ratio will be 60-40, respectively. He says more scientific research is needed, and prospects are good in this area. In 2025, additional satellites will be put into circulation specifically to monitor methane in the atmosphere.

‚ÄúConcentrations of carbon dioxide and methane continue to rise year after year with no signs of improvement. They are the main drivers of global warming. Monitoring these concentrations will be an crucial tool Let’s see exactly the effect of the emission reduction measures,” said Vincent-Henri Buch.

Methane is a much more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide – about 80 times more potent in the early years – although it degrades faster in the long run.

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