The positive impact of “interrupted lives” on your health and athletic performance

From a stronger immune system to better athletic performance: In the March issue of runBE magazine, we discussed at length the topic of “interrupted life.” A way of living that not only makes you healthier, but also helps improve your running times.

“The increased comfort of our modern society is making us weaker and slowing down our recovery and performance,” explains the high-performance coach and intermittent lifeMentor Siebe Hannosset. “We eat too often, we eat too sugary and too high in calories. In addition, we have sedentary lifestyle† Also often as a recreational runner. Even if you walk four or five times a week, it doesn’t make up for our total sitting time. “These are just a few examples of harmful effects modern society. Air and light pollution, the constant presence of blue light (smartphones, tablets, …), heating at 20 degrees or more, … all factors that have a negative effect on our immune system.
Enter Interrupted Life

instant stimuli

You may have already heard of intermittent fasting – or intermittent fasting – or you may have already tried it. Those who follow this eating pattern alternate periods of fasting with periods of eating. In addition, periods of fasting are always longer than when you plan your meals. Intermittent fasting is just part of the whole story of intermittent life, a A concept based on science by Dr. Leo Pruimboom. Hanusit: “Through interrupted lives, we step out of our comfort zone and stimulate our bodies and minds differently. short-lived stress stimuli: cold, heat, hunger, thirst, intense exercise, cognitive challenges, ? We will integrate those ancient stimuli into our lives in a responsible and choppy – rhythmic – way, making us stronger and more resilient again.”

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How do I incorporate an interrupted life as a runner?

How do I start now? Well, we have good news. Incorporating an interrupted life into your life is more rewarding than you think. The big advantage is that you can freely choose which incentives you want to focus on and when you want to schedule them. “One Cold shower or ice bath It doesn’t take much time,” emphasizes Hanusit, who also works as a performance coach at Club Brugge. Furthermore, you don’t have to challenge cold water every morning. Conversely, if you build in a lot of structures, your body will adapt to them. Stimulating it in a rhythmic way keeps it a challenge in the long run.”

Curious about how to incorporate “healthy stress triggers” into your lifestyle and how you can apply them as a runner? You can read the full article at The latest issue of RunningBE† Available now in-store, or online via the online store. You can also read the article here Digital reading via Blendle.

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