The possibility of billing can harm the health of your agency

So billable, according to the definition of “percentage of hours billed versus total hours worked.” Every digital and creative marketing agency considers it to be an important KPI, but beware: you can’t be guided by it blindly.

Work efficiently

With your agency, you always have a goal to work as efficiently as possible and build a sustainable company. One of the most important goals in your business operations is revenue. Part of this is billability – in other words: Profit your people.

Unfortunately, information and ideas about billing potential are often contradictory. The result: Everyone calculates the billing in their own way, which makes it difficult to compare the numbers. Moreover, there are still a number of blind spots: Billing can give an incorrect picture of your employees and say nothing about your company’s margins and revenues. Wrong billing can lead to wrong financial decisions and lead to unnecessary stress on your employees.

In this e-book we present 2 KPIs That gives you insight into your efficiency: “Average Return Per Hour” and “Performance”. They create a more complete picture of how to streamline operations, deploy employees optimally, find ideal clients, and thus allow your organization to grow. We go deep into the accounts, then zoom back in.

In this e-book you will learn

  • 3 reasons focusing on billing can be harmful
  • Key performance indicators that accurately reflect competency
  • What insights are you getting from these KPIs
  • How to Easily Monitor KPIs

After reading this e-book, you will have a better view of the metrics to help you build a successful business. Little interested or terribly intrigued? Download the e-book for free.

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