The Public Health Director delivers the Green Overschiese card to the GP surgery.

On Tuesday 9 July, Director of Public Health Yvonne van Duinhoven will present a large-format version of the Green Overschiese Card to Dr Nathalie Ruiter from the Overschie general practice. The aim of this initiative is to encourage general practitioners to refer their patients abroad as a preventive measure.

Groene Overschiese is a collection of places where walking, cycling, exercising, meeting and relaxing in green spaces are essential. The network behind the map consists of active residents who work together as volunteers or social entrepreneurs to make the map come true. The project is part of the Green and Healthy Neighbourhood approach of the Green Agenda.

green card

The idea behind the map is that exercising in nature can prevent illness and improve health. During the lockdown, many people discovered the importance of being outdoors, especially in green environments. The Green Overschie map, with its walking and cycling paths, parks, sports fields and designated garden complexes, helps residents get to know and make better use of the green gems of the Overschie.


In addition to the map display, many activities are also planned to explore the green areas of Oversche. For example, Wmo Radar organizes group trips and there are many events such as the Steilrand Festival and the Neighbors’ Day in De Tempel.

Green Agenda

This greening project is part of Green AgendaBased on this action programme, the municipality is working with residents and businesses to add 20 hectares of green space and 40 hectares of beekeeping space to the city. This contributes to better protection against the consequences of climate change and increased biodiversity with increased diversity of plants and animals.

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For more information about activities and the Overschiese Green Card, please visit the district building De Halte, the Overschie Museum and the district office at Burgemeester Baumannlaan.

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