The public prosecutor against the human lawyer … (Halle) leader is seeking five years in prison.

Halle –

On Wednesday afternoon the Halle-Wilward Public Prosecutor’s Office demanded a five-year prison sentence against a 35-year-old Sudanese man who allegedly led a criminal organization to kidnap people. Trucks from Maximilian Park are said to have transmitted at least 33 times to the United Kingdom. It is noteworthy that no other gang members could be identified. According to security, no one because it is not a criminal organization

Sudan is said to have operated around Brussels North Station and Maximilian Park from December 2017 to March 2018. According to the Attorney General’s Office, the person there commissioned the transmitters almost daily, and then he took or sent them to the car park with the E40 in the Crude-Big Garden, where they were parked in trucks to the UK. From time to time the man also used parking in Byrgos and Mons.

Changing numbers

“Observations show he was hanging around the North Station and talking to immigrants,” the prosecutor’s office said. “In the tapped phone calls, he talks clearly about money and says he’s not working for free. He also has contacts with France and Germany. He changed his mobile phone and number several times in the months that followed.”

On the government side, that person was the head of a broader criminal organization, but none of the other members of that organization could be identified at trial.

“Nothing, it’s not a criminal organization,” he told security. “This is a man who fled Sudan and, like many others, wanted to cross into the UK. With this he tried to help others and contact them with the kidnappers, but he never earned a penny from it. Several months before his arrest, he stopped doing it and now he is here Trying to make a living. “

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Judgment will be handed down on March 10.

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